Clover Hill George Jenson Sabre

$ 245.00

The Clover Hill branded Geroge Jenson ‘Indulgence champagne sabre’ is made from mirror-polished stainless steel. Custom engraving for personalised gifts is available.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery of your custom sabre due to Covid restrictions.

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Hold a Champagne bottle at an angle of approximately 20 degrees and slide the blunt side of the INDULGENCE sabre along the body of the bottle toward the neck. As the blade hits the lip, the force of it breaks the glass and separates the collar and cork from the neck of the bottle. That is how to mark a celebration, and open a bottle!

The experienced sommelier can open a bottle with little loss of Champagne. However, we advise you to allow a small flow to wash away any loose shards of glass that may be adhering to the neck. The first glass poured should also be checked for small glass shards.

Stay tuned for a Virtual Cellar Door video coming soon, on how to use your new Clover Hill Sabre!

NOTE: Keep the sabre and decapitated bottles away from children and animals. Please handle bottles and shards with the utmost care, and never drink from a bottle opened with a sabre.