Museum Wine 6-Pack

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Celebrate the new year with six of our best museum wines.

This carefully curated museum wine 6-pack takes you on a journey highlighting the evolution of Clover Hill. From the record-high yield in 2008 to the challenging conditions in 2011, each bottle captures our vineyard’s essence, embodying the spirit of each unique year and the diverse expressions of our winemakers. As we transition into the Multi-Vintage approach, these wines offer a glimpse into our past, illustrating the path that has shaped Clover Hill into what it is today.

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Museum Wines To Celebrate The New Year

Initial notes of citrus and red berries have since evolved into meadow honey, orange citrus and the soft, creamy palate reflects the cool Tasmanian season’s natural acidity.

Since aging the notes of seaspray, oyster shells, acid and creaminess have evolved into notes of lemony cider apple character and hints of wild raspberry. Known for texture, complexity, and persistence, this wine embodies the trademark style of Clover Hill.

Initially this had a pale straw colour and notes of lemon, white peach, oyster shells, honeysuckle and brioche. Since aging, the colour has evolved to a rich golden straw with a subtle green tinge with notes of delicate creamed honey, lemon curd, baked short pastry, and hints of seaspray.

A current update on the wine reveals the persistent pale straw colour has not changed but the melon and toasty notes have evolved into briny honey, eucalyptus blossom hints, toasted honey cake and spiced peel characters.

Rich strawberry and brioche flavours with floral hints have now developed into flavours of dried cranberry, raspberry blossom, quince paste, and savoury macerated strawberry with a hint of smoky flint.

As this wine has aged, the blush now resembles ocean trout with a coppery tinge instead of soft salmon, and the palate includes restrained dark cherry, confectionery strawberry, dehydrated raspberry notes instead of strawberry and citrus.